Inflatek Valve®

Suitable where the work environment must remain clear of dust. This valve provides total containment via an inflatable seal. Able to withstand temperatures as high as 350°C, it is available in a wide range of metals to better suit your product characteristics. 

To better understand our Inflatek Valve, take a look at these cut-away views.

 Inflatek Valve�

Inflatek Valve�

Key Features:

Inflatable seal is available in all kinds of polymers to suit an array of materials ranging from abrasive dusts to food products.

The design of the seal self-compensates the valve while in use from friction.

Whether the material is flowing into a void or sits static in a column, the valve is intended to cut through and provide an air tight seal.

Valve has one moving part with a lubricated for life bearing and designed for low-maintenance.  Replacement can be performed within an hour.

Tungsten Carbide or Teflon shell are offered for those whose materials are abrasive or cohesive.

Capable of maintaining a seal in 100% vacuum or even when there is a vacuum on one side of the valve and positive pressure on the other.