Utilising dense phase technology to achieve the lowest possible transfer velocity at the most optimal energy conservation. The leak-proof design facilitates a clean and dust free work environment. Can work in temperatures as high as 350°C and is compliant to ATEX standards.


Key Features

Method of transfer consumes minimal air in order to convey fragile materials such as food products or convey heavy abrasive materials like iron oxides.

Less air usage means smaller compressors, smaller exhaust filters, and thus lower power cost.

A fully contained transfer system will prevent the opportunity for dust escaping into your work place.

When compared to dilute phase, our velocities are much lower which translates to longer lasting pipes and low maintenance required.

Operates on-demand only and completely automated to reduce energy consumption without the constant attendance from an operator.


A method of conveying bulk materials with a company that has been on line since 1974.